Open Solutions For Government (OGOV) is a nonprofit organization committed  to advancing education and technology for the public good.

Our primary mission is to provide government entities with guidance on digital services policy, practices, and products, while also promoting the development of new open source technology solutions.

OGOV is comprised of former government executives, program practitioners, and technology industry leaders working in collaboration with other nonprofit organizations.  We are motivated by empathy and understanding for the challenges associated with creating sharable solutions which interoperate with complex, multi-jurisdictional government computing ecosystems.

OGOV is headquartered in Sacramento, California, USA.

Open Innovation Hub

Open Innovation Hub, also referred to as “iHub”,  is a creative collective for private companies, public administrations, universities, and research institutions to learn about emerging technologies, innovative approaches to sharing solutions, and building strong connections.

Think Global, Act Local — The OGOV Open Innovation Hub primary location is in California, yet provides connection to an international network of iHubs.

OSPO | Open Solutions Program Office

Focus on establishment, management and growth of public sector open solutions program offices (OSPO). The essence of free/open source solutions is collaboration, and no OSPO should stand alone.

Open Solutions Maturity Model

Open Solutions Maturity Model (OSMM) is a criteria for assessing to what extent any technology ecosystem is open or closed.  Open means sharable, extensible, non-proprietary.  Closed is the extent to which an environment is proprietary, or impedes changing, extending, and sharing solutions.

OSMM Assessment Framework is an evaluative methodology.  OSMM assessments can be conducted by internal terms or consulting partners.

Smart City Infrastructure Standards (Working Group)

Working group contributing to development of open standards for smart city IoT data infrastructure.  Focus on formation of North American standards which ensure compatibility with global standards initiatives.