Open Solutions For Government (OGOV) is a nonprofit organization committed to advancing education and technology for the public good. Our primary mission is to provide government entities with guidance on digital services policy, practices, and products, while also promoting the development of new open-source technology solutions.

OGOV’s focus is on fostering sustainable and equitable solutions that support the advancement of smarter communities and IoT-based digital services. We actively advocate for open standards and strive to create an environment conducive to innovation.

Central to our mission is the establishment and operation of Open Innovation Hubs in regional communities across the United States. These innovation hubs will serve as a collaborative space for ideation, education, and technical training, facilitating the adoption of compatible solutions for government entities, including civic and regional digital services.

OGOV seeks to engage a diverse range of stakeholders, including universities, community colleges, city and county governments, as well as technology product and service providers, in the collaborative process.

We are dedicated to promoting openness, innovation, and responsible technology use to enhance government services and benefit the public.